Delphi for PHP. First hand knowledge. What is it all about?

Ok, there is a little bit of time to talk about inside of Delphi.

As you could see from the post I have mentioned last time there is really two part of the product you need to look at: one you are paying for and one which come for free.

Price of the package is a price of IDE itself, with all native property editors, object inspector, Editor, etc… all this what makes an editor very useful and allow product to stand up among competitors. If you ever used Delphi from CodeGear before you will find yourself in very comfortable situation – everything you know and familiar is here. No need to learn new shortcuts, menus, GUI elements.

If you are new to Delphi and you are looking at some options to write Win32/64 applications in near future, then might be it is a time to make a first step and apply your knowledge of PHP in new environment, go beyond your nice and simple NotePad, UltraEdit or even PHPEd, spend a minute, feel true “visual style” programming with PHP.

There comes second important part of Delphi for PHP – VCL for PHP – part which makes PHP visual.

VCL for PHP is an Open Source project managed by Jose Leon Serna from Qadram and is hosted on

It is based on the most popular open source PHP scripts and libraries, including Qooxdoo, Adodb, DynAPI, Smarty, XAjax and JSCalendar along with just standard HTML elements and JavaScript language. You will find that components take best from each of those libraries and wraps it in the way familiar for Delphi programmers.

With release of Delphi for PHP CodeGear makes another step toward providing only best quality product to the developers around the world and now in PHP.

To be continued…

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2 thoughts on “Delphi for PHP. First hand knowledge. What is it all about?”

  1. Hey Serge! We’re getting closer. Putting the finishing touches on it. Delphi for PHP is almost ready.


  2. Serge says:

    Hey. Nice to see such great people reading my blog!!!

    Yes, I know. Was there. Participated as much as I can. 😉 Unfortunately, not as much as I would like, though. Lost almost two week to the flu… not fully recover even until now… 🙁

    But one thing for sure – Be part of the CodeGear team, see actual cooking – it is an experience and feeling no money can buy 😉

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