Steve Trefethen revealed his new place of work

Word is finally out. It took a little bit longer then promissed, but here it goes

Steve is Starting my new job Monday with Falafel Software

PS. I was kind of surprised that Steve is not part of the DelphiFeeds rollout, or at least this post did not make it in the list…

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10 thoughts on “Steve Trefethen revealed his new place of work”

  1. I’m excited for Steve and Falafel in general. It seems they are gathering quite a few Delphi power developers in one shop; it will be interesting to see what comes out of there.

    As far as Delphi Feeds, I think I recall Steve specifically requesting to no longer be part of the DelphiFeeds list.

  2. Dennis says:


    Michael is correct. Steve asked us some weeks ago to remove his blog from, which we of course did.

  3. Joe Blog says:

    What will come out of there? Steve moving on to MS. I mean no disrespect but look at the past history of Falafel. You say how many Delphi developers went to Falafel? How many of them still there? All of them moved on to MS. I think Falafel has become a recruiter for MS. They get the Delphi guys, brainwash them, stamp an MCP on them and move them to Redmond.

  4. Interesting theory… Any facts to support that?

    Pure speculation: MS does not want to have discussion with CodeGear for the “brain drain”, therefore “middle man” is used as a “temp” place. But I do not know how true that would be though…

  5. Joe Blog?

    Who has left Falafel for Microsoft? and Delphi talent != CodeGear. While CodeGear obviously has major talent there are fantastic Delphi developers that have never worked for CodeGear, only because we don’t want to live in Cali. 🙂

    And yes, Microsoft has poached quite a few Borland developers in the past, but you have to think. Why did they leave? If it was just for the money, any company that threw it that way would have lured them. Microsoft was just 1st in line.

  6. Well said 😉
    As far as a list goes… there are Google, Amazon and others. For some reason the only Dark Force side is MS and everybody else are in white 8)

  7. That’s ridiculous. Falafel is a consulting company looking for good talent. Plain and simple. Lino knows a lot of good people at Borland from hiis time there and he still maintains good relations with all of them, so it only makes sense that he would attract people from there. That and the fact that Falafel is a fun place to work, makes it easy to understand why people would leave Borland for Falafel.

    Steve Teixeira went to MS, but he was a founding member of Falafel, not recruited there. Charlie Calvert also went to from Falafel. While he wasn’t a founding member of Falafel, he was way out of Borland before he went to MS.

    I don’t know of anyone else who went from Borland / Codegear to MS, and I worked for Lino / Falafel for over three years. Although I came from TurboPower and not Borland, I also didn’t go to MS.

    Ramesh is the most recent Borland guy who is leaving Falafel, but he also isn’t going to MS as far as I know.

    And for those of you who think that retargeting your skills from old, dead technology from a dying company (delphi, borland), to the latest and most in-demand technology from the market leader (C#, Microsoft) requires “brainwashing”; then I guess I concur only to the degree that your brains are obviously dirty and could use a good scrubbing.

    As a Delphi developer I used to lament the fact that Delphi was obviously superior technology to VB, yet all of the IT department directors were targeting MS regardless. Now, there is no question that Borland has lost the battle. C# and Visual Studio is far and away superior technology to Delphi. Either master it and become in high-demand, or let your skills wither and become… a florist, or something.

  8. You are right, Borland lost the battle. CodeGear hasnt. It is easy to see the amount of positive changes that CodeGear is introducing in our beloved Delphi, I think they are going serious on focusing on their key products and removing any additional noise. (Dropping C#, spawning ECO in their own company). Delphi 2006/2007 are very good products, the CDS will put things even, and you can see that based on their roadmap they are going back to their own development, ignoring what the other guy is doing and just following what their customers need.

    If you are a .Net guy that likes the latest and greatest on .Net, yes, VS is your option, if you are on a shop that needs only what is stable in .Net and want different options on your hand, Delphi is the best around.

    Most of the big companies are until now switching to ASP 2.0, due to the way MS manages their backwards compatibility, they talk about .net 3.0/3.5 but those are only libraries and serious shops will not jump into those wagons without letting the technology mature.

  9. > You are right, Borland lost the battle. CodeGear hasnt.

    Please. Codegear *IS* Borland. A rose by any other name…

    My sincere apologies go out to all roses.

  10. Earlier when I said this…

    I don’t know of anyone else who went from Borland / Codegear to MS

    I meant this…

    I don’t know of anyone else who went from Borland / Codegear – through Falafel – to MS.

    But what I really meant to say is that nobody has.

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