Remember the titans

Well… it is not about the movie. Nice movie though…

Doing some research about Delphi you probably will immediately notice a page on wikipedia and off course there are a few well known names here. Everybody knows about Anders Hejlsberg, but let’s see what other ex-titans of Delphi world are doing these days – as it turned out Danny Thorpe after being at Google and Microsoft for some time finally settled at not that well known place called CoolIris. As it was indicated in his last entry in his MS blog, there are places better then Google, MS and Borland after all… You can read about his new adventures in his blog.

Spirit of innovation always been something growing inside Borland and now CodeGear, but after some time it seems to outgrowing a mothership’s corridors and offices and tend to find bigger more innovative places. It is a natural process, but it is sad to see it to happen, thinking how much more those people could do if they are to stay.
In order of departure:

Phillippe KahnFullPower Inc

When someone is talking about Pascal, his name is one of first come to mind.

Anders Hejlsberg – Microsoft

I think the only person who do not blog from this list, but there are plenty of interviews with him.

Chuck Jazdzewski – Microsoft

CJ: “Yes, I work at Microsoft. Yes, I believe it is a great company and is a fabulous place to work at. No, I don’t think that everything that Microsoft does and produces is wonderful and perfect. I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion, as am I.”
Steve mentioned one particular blog entry – Fatherly Advice To New Programmers – bad title, good reading.

Danny Thorpe– CoolIris

DT: “As a junior engineer at Borland, I was witness to the creation of Delphi. Over the years I contributed to the development of Delphi’s run-time library, VCL component library, IDE, compiler and language on Windows, Linux and .NET platforms. I’ve had the enormous pleasure of working closely with Anders Hejlsberg, Chuck Jazdzewski, Eli Boling, and many other software wizards in Borland’s heyday.”

Corbin Dunn (somewhat outdated), but blogis active – having fun at Apple working on the AppKit

At least this is where I saw his name mentioned recently, not much in his blog though.

Steve Trefethen– Falafel Software

Any other name worth mentioned? Comment on this post…

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6 thoughts on “Remember the titans”

  1. Yes, let’s not forget Chuck Jazdzewski (added)

  2. Charlie Calvert(one of the best Delphi authors, his writing style is very nice) working in M$ now too

  3. Today’s addition is Tim Jarvis
    He has announced in his blog that after 9 years with Borland/CodeGear he is going to watch CodeGear progress from the side also.

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