Honda Insight is back – new and improved

Do you remember this awkward small car?

Weird, small, unusual… Introduced in 1999, two years after Prius, it was discontinued by 2006. It was bitten by Toyota Prius with a big margin. Being too small, even 70mpg couldn’t make it too attractive for regular American consumer.

With raizing gas prices, growing popularity of alternative energy sources, one would assume that Honda could not abandon this prominent car for good.

In the mean time Honda Accord (no hybrid model in 2009, yet) and Honda Civic (40/45mpg) did fill the gap in some way. But being not a true hybrid cars they were no match for Insight (compare to Toyota Prius 48/45mpg).

But 2009 comes with surprise – Honda Insight is back and ready for Spring 2009 as Insight v.2.0. It is bigger, better, more stylish… and less odd in design.

New Insight has inherited body style of another Honda’s car – FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle.
And when compared to prior Insight version, it offers 5 sits instead of 2.
As a result, it finally can be considered a family car.
Add to this $18,500 price sticker and you get a very good deal.

There is no information about mileage yet, since it is not yet EPA tested, but rumors are that we may see 100mpg. Again those are rumors. I would think that even with 60-70mpg target it would be a great alternative to Prius.

Read more about a first public appearance of Insight 2.0 here.

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