GreyDragon v.1.2.26 has been released

+ ADMIN: New option – Include “Click to Enter” link for Root Page
+ ADMIN: Small style improvements for styles and menu support
+ CSS: Added theme-<colorpack> class to body element allowing individual styling with 3rd party plugins
+ CSS: Small style improvements
+ Translation support: Added he_IL, th_TH, el_GR, zh_CN language
+ Added support for translation of Home Page Quote
+ Bootstrap CSS updated to 3.3.5

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2 thoughts on “GreyDragon v.1.2.26 has been released”

  1. Huebi says:


    will there be un upgrade for the greydragon theme to make it compatible with piwigi 2.8?


    1. yes, I am moving to PHP 7, so I will be updating for 2.8
      please allow few days to process

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