GoDaddy is dead… or should go away and stop pretending

SPOILER: This is intended to be rant

Yes, GoDaddy was around for many years and have thousands if not millions customers using them.
Yes, I am using and was helping with their hosting on number of sites and for number of years, hence first hand experience.
Yes, pricing could be considering being good.

No, I would not recommend them to anyone.
No, they are not competitive offering anymore.
No, I would not trust them to represent my best interest hosting my site.

This is why:

  • No PHP 7.x support for shared hosting
    • 5.6 is only highest available option
    • 5.6 is EOL for number of months with end of security updates support in few months when counting in activities which need to be taking place for people to move to higher version
    • 7.1 is core official version
  • No MariaDB support. While mySQL is still great, mariaDB becomes de facto a default for many hosting companies
  • cPanel, goDaddy is using today, was supporting 7.x since Feb 2016
  • If one wants to take advantage of security, resource utilization and performance improvements, goDaddy would attempt to push switch to dedicated server package, i.e. asking for more money for the same set of features
  • Then there are discussions like this and comments from “GoDaddy Pro Trusted Advisor”
    While everyone is entitled to their own opinions based on their own previous experience, it is ridiculous to argue that all people essentially should be driving old gasoline hungry cars because they can still be driven and one still like their own nice 1990 Buick.
  • From personal experience – goDaddy representative was saying “php 7 would be soon available” since last quarter of 2016
  • Any questions about up-to-date feature set ends with “time to upgrade and pay more” pitch.

<end of rant>

Conclusion: if you are looking for web hosting, don’t look at GoDaddy, look elsewhere. There are more modern offerings around there from other reputable companies and with more bang for the buck

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3 thoughts on “GoDaddy is dead… or should go away and stop pretending”

  1. Part of the problem is caused by the lack of backwards compatibility with new releases of PHP. I am sure that GoDaddy has many customers whose applications will not run on PHP 7.

    1. I am very familiar with systems like cPanel, Plesk, etc.
      Support for proper version is not restricting old structured sites from using these previous versions of PHP. It is not forced on you.
      It is the same choice in cPanel to use as old as 5.4 version, but problem is that highest one is 5.6.
      So customers who cannot migrate, can stay on old version. Customers who want to use new version should be allowed to do so too.

      I have hosting with goDaddy and I have hosting with other company.
      This other company also was slow in adopting then new 7.0 version and made it available almost 6 months after official release, but choice today is 5.6, 7.0 (recommended) or 7.1
      As user, I can decide if I want 20% boost in performance and utilization or not, but decision is not forced on me, or am I prevented from making the switch.
      This is the main difference.

    2. To address PHP 7.x backward compatibility issue. As language evolves, old structures and lose semantics become obsolete and first discouraged (WARNING) and then disallowed (code breaks).
      Yes, site which is based on old syntax would break, and I would imagine that there are many of them still around.
      This is why systems like WordPress and Piwigo were created, so a) someone else is keeping your engines running b) there is no questions about PHP or MySQL support.
      If you have read comments in from the link above you would see suggestion by some “great” seasoned developer that everything should be custom. This is exactly why GoDaddy “cannot” upgrade their infrastructure. Which is excuse, not the reason.

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