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Share This v.1.0.2 has been published

+ Corrected PayPal link for “Donate” link in admin area – Fixed issue with VideoJS plugin when image derivative information is empty/missing. Post to Facebook would be made without image reference

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“Share This” plugin has been published in Extensions Repository

Just another small plugin with large consequences 🙂 Purpose of the plugin is to add sharing options for your photos From screenshot you can see that 4 services are supported: * Facebook * Twitter * Pinterest * Google Plus Logic … Continue reading

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GreyDragon v.1.2.22 is now available

This is major release. please read about changes below. Version introduces concept of widgets for picture metadata area along with template anchor targets allowing more streamlined approach in adding and managing metadata tabs for picture pages. + Added Photo metadata … Continue reading

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GreyDragon theme v 1.1.20 is out

+ ADMIN: Added support for various Favicon types including Apple Touch + Added versioning for Theme settings for easier maintenance + Localization added for Admin Help area + Added support for %gallery_title% in header text/page banner – Fixed issue with … Continue reading

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gdThumb v 1.0.15 is out

+ In Overlay Ex mode place “New Item” marker is placed in metadata area + Further and final improvement for file type markers in Overlay Ex mode. Now sensitive to file extensions. Supports image, video, music, pdf, doc, xls, ppt … Continue reading

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Keeping CentOS with times – PHP 5.5

This is second article related to CentOS somewhat outdated default setup. I have previously discussed Steps to update MySQL to 5.5 and now its time to look at PHP Introduction If you run VPS or dedicated server with CentOS 6.x … Continue reading

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GDThumb v 1.0.14 is now available

GDThumb v 1.0.14 is now available + Added integration with VideoJS plugin to allow display of “film” icon in  Overlay Ex mode (experimental feature) – Fixed issue with incorrect callback when “RV Thumb Scroller” plugin is used

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