My Notepad

This blog is intended to be personal to some extent, expressing the author’s point of view while accepting constructive criticism. Here you can find discussions and opinions about new and old technologies,  programming and programmers, PHP, C#, ASP, Crystal Reports, Maria DB, and SQL Server, some personal experiences, and other things in life… If you feel that it contradicts your view on the subject, sorry… but you are welcome to comment – I am enjoying a good conversation.

For the most part I am using my blog as a notepad, writing small articles on things which are brought to my attention, asked more then once and which would otherwise require additional research again and again. Technology is changing rapidly and so does information available. You would often find that something which is still widely used become obsolete from the stand point of technology authors and bloggers. We just move on to a next one.

You may not find much of the bleeding edge stuff here since there are enough information around. Writing is not what I do for living and I am not trying to compete for number of posts.

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About me

Hi, my name is Serguei (Serge) Dosyukov, programmer, manager, software architect, and Founder of Dragon Soft Consulting Services.
While I do not do much consulting these days, people are still coming up with questions and I am trying to provide answers…

I have been involved in software development for some time now.

DISCLAIMER.  Does it sound oldish? No, I am still young and active, it is just that I have been interested in software development since my school days and I was lucky to work in the industry ever since. A lot have had happen over time. Being on top of technologies, having fun doing programming, enjoying working with software and not being afraid of new things – this is the philosophy I am trying to follow.

My career path began with coding assembler-based utilities on PDP-11, then developing through the client, server, and web applications on Windows and Apache. Witnessed the rise of the Intel/DOS platform and then Windows, the introduction of countless “best practices” in software development, and the rise of the open-source movement. I used dozen of different languages, a number of platforms, and systems… A lot of fun, many projects, great team experience, and as a result – good knowledge of the industry, software standards, and practices.

I had started as a developer, then gradually moved to my current Sr management position.

Enjoy your reading and comment on the topics discussed.

Life and Hobby

Yes, creating software is my hobby and not just a job. While actual software writing is not my primary function today, I just love to work on small improvements and play with CSS, javascript, and another tech.

I do love to travel with the family even more. I have probably put half of the miles on my car doing so – 18 US states so far…
While traveling I do like to take pictures with my Canon 5D Mark IV. And use every opportunity to scuba dive. Fun!

Contact Information

You can comment on the blog entries on this site directly. For other questions, including technical ones, you can send me an email.