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ShareThis v 1.0.3 has been released

version 1.0.3 + ALL: Added better reference for OG: metadata + ALL: Photo description extended to include Gallery title and author (if provided) + Pinterest: Added Description. Fixed image reference. Improved Pinterest widget integration + Tumblr: New option. Experimental

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GreyDragon Theme v.1.2.24 has been released

version 1.2.24 + CSS: min width of drop down menu in header bottom menu mode is increased to 20em for better content alignment – Fixed navigation arrows photo overlay when thumbnail navigation bar is enabled

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GreyDragon v.1.2.23 is up

+ Added Icon tooltips in Icon metadata tab mode. This would also cause title to be shown in metadata overlay window + Added navigation arrows display when hover over photo. This is visual indicators to help with visualization of navigation. … Continue reading

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gdThumb version 1.0.16 is up

+ ADMIN: Added new option  “Animate thumbnail on hover” + Added event integration with RV Thumb Scroller + Corrected PayPal link for “Donate” link in admin area – Remove reference to jquery.ui.button.js in admin page – Added check for shared … Continue reading

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Share This v.1.0.2 has been published

+ Corrected PayPal link for “Donate” link in admin area – Fixed issue with VideoJS plugin when image derivative information is empty/missing. Post to Facebook would be made without image reference

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“Share This” plugin has been published in Extensions Repository

Just another small plugin with large consequences 🙂 Purpose of the plugin is to add sharing options for your photos From screenshot you can see that 4 services are supported: * Facebook * Twitter * Pinterest * Google Plus Logic … Continue reading

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GreyDragon v.1.2.22 is now available

This is major release. please read about changes below. Version introduces concept of widgets for picture metadata area along with template anchor targets allowing more streamlined approach in adding and managing metadata tabs for picture pages. + Added Photo metadata … Continue reading

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    I’ve been using this [theme] since the start. It is by far the most attractive, feature packed and stable of the user-created skins for Gallery3.


    The greydragon theme is fantastic. It’s clean, stable and feature rich. It took me a while to decide to move to G3 but with a there like this one, I could no longer resist. Thanks!

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