Borland Consulting Services – part 1

This is just weird! Trying to contact Borland Consulting Services.
So on Friday I went to a web site and pull out a number.
Trying to dial it I always get voice mail.
Ok. They probably have high numbers of calls and just cannot answer it right now.
So I left a message on Friday. On following Monday I called back and get the same thing, so I’ve thought, let see what other options are… Get a nice person on a phone and was managed to finally get one of the managers.
He took my information and said that someone will contact me shortly.
It is Thursday, so I’ve called again. Voice mail again, use magic button and was transferred to this manager line (I think) voice mail – you know, I am out until Friday, why don’t you call another number for Teresa (I hope I do transcript it correctly).
Hey, I hope he didn’t forget to pass my request to someone before he left.
Ok, lets try to call her and voice mail and I think this was the one of the numbers I’ve left a message before Circle.

Nice, I was always under impression that consulting is all about making money, so when someone is willing to pay money, there is always someone who will glad to take them.

Ok, calling again, clicking 0 and getting person with a plug, after insisting to talk with someone, transferred to another person which suggesting to call 1-800 number, but I was there. ha-ha…
Could you please find ANYBODY in flesh? one moment… (nice children songs) and whow!!! Real person, she wrote my information and inform that will call me back next day or day after this. Great!!!

to be continued…

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