Borland Consulting Services – part 2 – week 2

Ok, huray!!!! Someone called me back this Friday!!!
First I’ve got email from one of the managers of CS team! Great. What confuses me that he/she (I do not want to be specific) didn’t receive any of my contact information (I left about 3 voice mails, talked with about 4 people) so he/she did great job and find me over the web!!!
It is useful sometimes to leave tracks for your name on internet (until off course you start to receive a lot of spam (oh, check this – great spam tag filter and it is free).
So, he/she found me. After responce I’ve finally got a call from next person and had great converstion. Now I need to wait until Monday to see a results.

And I was told that Borland Support Team is investigating why only person I was able to reach in past week was a support contact. Ok, will see…


  • Don’t trust voice-mail, it can get you nowhere
  • Insist on talking with someone and wrote his/her name down, possible with a direct phone number. Oh, they will forget about you otherwise, and you cannot prove anything that it happened in a first place (do you think you should be so dumb to know that you should prove that an event had a place)
  • most likely a NG will not work too, even BTP one…
  • After you get through and might be pissed off someone then you might get a great result after all
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