Project Themis and SDO presentation from last Borcon – thinking,1410,33049,00.html

it is good to remind us about last year conference

Couple things comes along:

  • UI is outdated and crowded – it is defenetly would be a good idea to put great idea in a great shell
    it is true for J-based GUI as well as W-based GUI
    yes it is a challenge to get all products aquired in last couple years under one roof, but there is a little change in almost a year
  • Almost everything is Java oriented, it is understandable, if: there is a clear path of delivery of such great architecture to other platforms – I think it is a time
  • GUI between different products are not consistent, I do not know if anything will be done in this extend
  • Themis is promissed for first half of 2005 – is it here? … one month to go… generally
  • delivery of the Themis – it is similar to MS TS road map (yet, I do miss automated QA process during a presentation) – again, there is no road map of 4 SKU for BDS… Also I cannot yet count Tester SKU – there is almost no tools from Borland as of today for this…
  • Delphi version? “Are we doing this for Delphi? – yes”… ok… where? no documentation so far, no indication that it will be here


  • RM in Delphi – CaliberRM
  • Modeling in Delphi – is it only ECO?
  • Coding – BDS IDE
  • Profiling – OptimizeIt? but it is not for Delphi per se…
  • Test Automation – unit test? it is not a solution, it is just preliminary tool… QA wouldn’t able to use it… because of requirement for code access
  • Portal – Caliber RM, StarTeam?
  • Deployment – ? IS Express… for kids

Critical Path? There is no GANTT support yet or other related diagrams and processes
I guess it will be all in Prometheus…

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