DevCo is now CodeGear

Lets congratulate CodeGear team with finding a new home.
God speed to you guys.

As some step is completed we usually look back on what was done during this
Let us all remember a good things which happen:

  • team for IDE products has been extracted and new entity created – DevCo
  • DevCo have got their own budget
  • DevCo was able to bring back some ex-members as well as new people like
  • marketing for Dev tools start to happen more aggressively
  • IDE enterprise level product line was scaled down to provide solution for
    small development team – Turbo editions
  • we have got new BDN
  • we have more active hotfix policy for existing products
  • as a result we have got increased activity in QC
  • I think a satisfaction level of the R&D and DevRel teams has increased
    over this time as well as their level of communication with community
  • we have had lots of happy hours with Nick and friends
  • we have recent Delphi/C++ campaign to improve product acceptance

This are all good things, which require huge effort from the team and we are
grateful for it.

Thank you, guys.

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