New CodeGear (updated)

In the recent weeks there were several posts in the press and blogs by team members in regard of the future of CodeGear as a company and Delphi as a product.

I think best post so far was one by Brendon Chase in

I also will encourage you to read Allen’s Blog.

What do we see so far? At first it was a surprise moment for everybody that Borland did decide to keep CG as subsidiary. And from all available information it was a surprise for everybody including CG team.

But good thing, CG is now on their own – child stepping out of the parents house – everything is new and unknown, one have to go and learn how to live, how to make money, find place to stay.

And this is what CG is going to figure out in next few months. Yes, there are steps already done – like packing a backpack and getting some pocket change for the first few days until things are settled, but after that… it is a free run.

It is a difficult process will require a huge effort in next few months.

CodeGear web-space is now up.

CodeGear main page:>
CodeGear Developer Network:
Features and bugs:
Got source?
If it’s not here, it’s not happening: 

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