Well, a new design of my web-site is coming together (preview is available hereIt is for IE 7 and FireFox only at this point.) and going through few quirks many questions occurred.

How was it? This is my story.

Ok, original code and layout did come to life back in early 2000 and main purpose was to have a web-site to collect Wise scripts written by me and contributed by others. Over last 7 years many things have changed and many new ideas were introduced. Technologies, new browsers, new styles and ideas flooded the web and one can find so many styles and ways of creating web-sites as many web designers (and not only) are around.

First thing first. Old version has been using frames. Not the best thing anymore and not to easy to maintain from the standpoint of caching, search optimization and web-referencing.

  • Changing layout to do not use frames and/or tables

Use of tables is not as robust anymore with availability of CSS, even it could be easier in some cases. Also CSS becomes very handy when simple theme related questions have to be addressed.

  • Take advantage of CSS theming

I was using Java Script to create dynamic content. Well… many things could be done simply by using pure CSS. (Yeah, yeah… we will come back to those IE flaws later. You can find that current version of the web-site might be rendered with small problems in different browsers since it was originally “purified” using IE 7 only. I am working on it.

  • Use of CSS when creating menus and arranging elements

It is time to make graphics looks nicer and more up to date. With all this nice monitors and screen resolutions, it is nice to get advantage of it. With introduction of Windows Vista, UI design has made big step further (yes, I know, Apple had it for ages… but… well… we are Windows developers.) And after all, your web-site is like your business card these days. It should be good looking and fast/smoothly running.

  • Increase base screen resolution and introduce better graphic element.

Those are main requirements which did make into final list. Not short though.

Did you ever try to do something like this to your web-site? I am sure you did. Was it easy? Might be, if you are doing it for 8 hours a day as a business, but it is not that easy if your projects are more client driven and time limited.

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