If you search for discussions about 1and1 hosting service you might find much of diverse information and opinions. And I wrote about some of my experience in the past as well.

This blog and *.dragonsoft.us domains are hosted by this provider for last ~5 years. It was great at the beginning, there was some sluggish service in the middle, but it seems to be coming back.

I have almost completed a migration of domains and updated a design of the web-site at this point but in the mean time there were a few questions during this journey which require a little more then just having an access to FTP and databases.

There is the thing about standard packaging – you might loose some flexibility on the way. And this what have had happen to me. For example, standard configuration of the blog included in the package is simple and therefore limited on some features. You do not have access to some good stuff which could be possible with WordPress. Another problem might appear when you need to move your blog on different domain name. Default configuration does not allow you to do this all the way. Some data might be lost due to server configuration for default blog space.

There is a solution to that. Well, you might need to write a few emails… and whow!!!, your blog has been moved into your file/db space and now you can manage it yourself. I have received a very good level of tech support from 1and1 tech team with that. From follow up to some tech goodies. Very nice!!!

Yes, you might need to go extra mile to get to this level – you need to pass level 1 support and get further, but somehow it has happen to me and I am very pleased and want to express my level of satisfaction here. Add to this very decent prices for packages and you might want to evaluate the service for your needs. Remember not to jump to conclusions too quickly.

I want to thank 1and1 tech team for all the help!!!

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