Fun stuff with SQL Server

Over past several years Microsoft SQL Server became primary database platform for me when it comes to Windows Development. Why am I so specific? When it comes to Web development and it is not ASP.Net related, then MySQL is THE engine for me. Just to be fair, I should also mention Interbase, DB2, PostgressSQL and Oracle, but this is different story.

So… What have I done with SQL Server? Well… Almost everything – installations, upgrades, migrations, localization support, automated synchronizations between local and remote servers in linked and disconnected mode, performance optimization, data tuning, …, you name it…

What I found is that there is a lot of information and many topics are covered on MSDN, Support Forums and in On-line help, but not all are well described and/or fully covered in one place.

As a result I have decided to present/discuss some topics I come across in this blog. I do not pretend to be a “know-it-all”, so if you have some additional info on any topic, please feel free to comment.

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