Fun! IE now acts as it is not an IE we all know.

I have installed beta 2 of Internet Explorer 8 and I have to adjust my CSS settings to work as if I would use Mozilla browser. Finally IE is closer to standards then ever.

Other then that everything appears to be working fine. But if you notice anything, please let me know.

Another thing was a test against Google Chrome. Overall everything is working.

I have also tested my main web-site and it appears not requiring any adjustments.

I noticed a funny thing. If you are using just one tab then combined size of the application is smaller then IE (57Mb versus 30.5Mb). Yes, both are still in pre-release stage and some size optimization could be done still, but it is just an observation.
I am saying combined because if you check your WTM you would notice 3 chrome.exe accompanied by 3 iexplore.exe. When you start opening more tabs, then more instances will appear. Would Google sue Microsoft over it, or would it be Microsoft for “similar” behaviour. Mozilla is yet to take the same approach so it may be late for the party of virtualization. Even though Chrome may considered to be an alternative to IE or Mozilla, it acts similar.

By the way, internally WordPress admin console does require adjustments to work properly in IE 8. But I think it would be addressed soon.

At this point first stage of testing is concluded.

PS. It is worth to mention that IE 8 actually breaks admin panel, at least with latest version of WP. And the reason is that IE now acts more like FF and special ie.css which is included for admin page is no longer required. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.


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