Few months ago I talked about an exciting news from Honda – reincarnation of old and, yes, boring Honda Insight with the new styling.

I was waiting for official production release and I was considering it as my next car…

Or not… Production edition ended up being a big turn off… Yes, I know and understand that there is usually a big difference between concept and floor models, but I would not expect it to be that much…

Honda Insight 2009 concept looked cool, Honda Insight 2009 production is no more. I would even think that Civic may look better, other that Insight is a hatchback. Back to Prius lookout?

Who would imagine that a few small “touches” could make non-ordinary design of the concept into average car. But again “production” versions are often “uglier” then original “concept” designs. I would think that Honda has to have something in the offering to justify the change and/or provide option to able tune it up.

No official MPG numbers yet, but if this is what Honda is planning for the new line, then it may end up in the same history book as original Insight release.

I have spotted this URL with some interesting facts about Insight. You may want to watch it.

Update (2008/12/29). Few days ago some unofficial information about production packaging and mileage has been posted. There is some packaging information available, but it is not what I was most interested in.

Honda Insight 2009 estimated MPG is 70mpg (not-EPA).
Insight 2009 will be still based on IMA technology.

It is not official, and it is not EPA rated either, so it probably will be lower. Interesting fact is that Prius 2009 estimated to have 83mpg.

Even though it is claimed that IMA technology should help with the mileage at the end, but it comes to simple comparison of two cars above and ability of the Prius being converted to a plug-in hybrid.

As I mentioned earlier, with averaged body style and not true hybrid schema, Honda need something much more then just give similar characteristics (or lower?)  as Toyota Prius.
As a result, “Brick” may look odd at first, but it is oddity and mileage in addition to true hybrid technology (no running engine) that may give Prius advantage over Insight and may help “killing” Insight again… will see…

Oh, yes. There is one big advantage – price (if it will survive in production version). Insight is cheaper then Prius and this may help it in the short run. I would not though bet on it as a long term point… especially if gas prices will go up again.


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