Which came first – the chicken or the egg – WPF, Developers and Designers – old tale

Nothing is more of the truth then old tales. Some long time ago Sean Sexton said

If you’re a developer doing WPF development, you really need to be using Expression Blend.

Yes, I know the party line on WPF development runs something like this:

  • Every Dev team should have at least 1 developer and 1 designer
  • Developers can’t design decent-looking GUIs to save their soul
  • Designers can’t be trusted with code, or anything close to code (excepting XAML)
  • Devs will open a project in Visual Studio and do all of their work there
  • Designers will open the same project in Blend and do all of their work there
  • Devs wear button-up shirts that don’t match their Dockers
  • Designers wear brand-name labels and artsy little berets

While much has changed since – language and controls evolved, iEverything is the mantra, Visual Studio got decent UI designer for WPF/Silverlight – but our mentality never changes once set – developers are all about code, and would use XAML editor rather than any UI tools, and UX folks would scream and bash them for not using proper tools.

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