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Which came first – the chicken or the egg – WPF, Developers and Designers – old tale

Nothing is more of the truth then old tales. Some long time ago Sean Sexton said If you’re a developer doing WPF development, you really need to be using Expression Blend. Yes, I know the party line on WPF development … Continue reading

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Crystal Reports 2008 and ASP.Net : speed up the first session

Did you ever noticed that after restart of the IIS ASP.Net page which has Crystal Reports Viewer would take much longer to come up? Some of it is expected since on initial start up, a number of Crystal assemblies and objects … Continue reading

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File locks or when garbage collection goes bad

With introduction of garbage collection (System.GC name space) in .Net, life of the Windows programmer become easy – no need to worry about releasing objects, code become simpler, etc. In “old” time one would need to use Interfaces to achieve similar functionality … Continue reading

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Assert is your friend… not an end-user’s

As a long time Delphi and C# programmer one become used to some features of the language and may not go deep into “philosophical” thinking about such features. This often happen with Asserts… What is Assert or Assertion? By its … Continue reading

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.Net and Design Patterns

Evolution has a spiral nature… it is true for any science, process, or development. Not long time ago Waterfall Model of development prevailed. Very formalized, well described and structured, very structured… and it was “too much” which killed it… like … Continue reading

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ASP.Net/WF : New built-in .Net Charting control

I was always for a “built-in” support of features in modern development environment. Even if it comes in basic form, we, as programmers, should have ability to do “basic” stuff without 3rd party involvement. There are plenty of 3rd party solutions … Continue reading

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Windows 7 and multi-touch – continued

Some time ago I have wrote about steps Microsoft was making into multi-touch interface support inside Windows application. If you visited PDC 2008, then you probably already heard that Microsoft had officially presented a new .Net framework/API which would be … Continue reading

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