It comes time when we need to replace network router in the house… And it was time for me to do just that…

I went with Linksys E4200 – nice piece of machinery. Everything now is flying! I am using Linksys products for many years and this upgrade did not disappoint me, setup was a easy, my network is now on true gigabit speed and wireless with dual band and much stronger signal.

Well, not everything is happy about the change at first…

My good old Wii refused to stay connected via WiFi loosing signal at random. I think it may be something to do with dual band wireless. I could have made two network on different bands, but I went with simple hardware solution – wired USB adapter – and this problem was solved.

Second problem was Sony BDP-S350 player not seeing network.
On the surface everything is OK and there is proper address and all, but no BD content or updates could be loaded.
Solution is simple though – static IP address – as described here.

Please note that for me just assigning static IP address at BDP level helped resolve the issue.

After this last issue, everything back to normal and adoption of the new router is complete!

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Oliver Dunn · May 1, 2013 at 00:35

Ok, I re uploaded the firmware, it installed, hit the reset button for 30 secs, restored to factory settings. Then I tried again: same problem. I also tried making the static ip a DMZ host, this resulted in the same problems.Some extra information: when I change the router settings everything keeps on working. as soon as I launch an application that acts as a server I keep losing connection. When I disable all portforwarding or dmz host it starts working again after a short interval, even though the applications are still running.really frustrating.

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