DISCLAIMER: It is my first post in this category. iOS development is somewhat new field for me as I did not do as much development for iOS in the past.
In last few months it is primary development activity for me. Coming from Windows world it is different, but this time and age, there is no big difference to go between platforms, OSes, dev. environments. During this exciting time few things I stumbled on and I will put few notes here to share and to remember.

Ok, enough on that… let’s talk business.

For last month or so I was getting XCode crash when trying importing Provisioning Profiles from Apple’s dev. portal. XCode’s Organizer and XCode itself would just spin and die.

I am using Ad Hoc distribution for testing and adding new devices would require you to reload profiles.

Please note that you can still download profile as a file from the portal and then load it in the Organizer, but Refresh function is much better.

Today I was very impatient and after some quick research issue is now solved…


  • Close XCode
  • Open Terminal and navigate to ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/
  • In there you would find file “connect1.apple.com 4.6.1.db
  • Delete it
  • Close Terminal
  • Open XCode
  • Go to Organizer -> Provisioning Profiles -> Refresh
  • No crash?!!! Great! Issue solved



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