While having late evening tea I want to share the progress made with GD Theme.

This is the first Alpha (download link).

To replicate look and feel of my test site you would need the following plugins from Piwigo site:

  • Additional Pages – needed for root page support
  • Extended Descriptions – allows embedding slideshows and building custom pages
  • GThumb+ – nice thumbs layout

Plugins can be installed from within Piwigo admin area.

Theme would need to be manually unpacked and copied to themes folder.

It is barebones version with only one colorpack – slateblue

I do not plan to support embedded framepacks at this time but instead take approach of GThumb+ plugin – once installed, it customizes how thumbs are styled and constructed.

PS: for some reason GThumb+ does not support Thumbs in album view, so there is some opportunity there to expand, but I really like the feel of it.

I do plan to release several Thumb plugins to accommodate various designs, but it would be at later time.

Also there is a plan to either be able submit root page template into Additional Pages plugin or allow user manage it independently.


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Andy · Jul 27, 2014 at 03:46

Looks great so far! Thinking about migrating from Gallery to Piwigo myself and just tried out your theme port. Very impressed!

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