Gallery 3 Project migration – progress 08/10

Another week and I was able to do some work to move theme and some other things forward

New version of the theme is up for grabs at usual place  – please see official announcement

Changes in this build – alpha 4:

  • Admin: New option “Remove Piwigo Generator Meta Tag” which can be used along with “Show Site Credits”
  • Admin: Added support to allow “lower case text” be optional
  • Use of custom.css file is extended to take advantage of its flexibility and prevent dynamic inline CSS where applicable
  • Changes to Info/Warning/Error messages colors to better match the theme
  • Admin: More translation support added for theme options
  • Admin: Fixed issue when some default settings were not properly persisted causing improper application
  • Admin: Fixed issue with Smarty cache not being purged when some settings are applied.
  • During conversion to Bootstrap I broke use of font-based icons, it is now fixed (ex: comment collapse area)

I spent most of the time this past week working on adoption of GThumb+ to my needs. In particular extending it to use with album folders thumbs.

Before I make public I want to discuss with author the best way to merge my changes or agree on branching it out in its own plugin as I want to continue making changes there.

As I mentioned earlier, I come to the conclusion for now that the best way to manage design of the thumbs is through the plugin rather than making it part of the theme. This means that things like for example to show or not thumb’s captions would be in the plugin rather than in the theme.

You can see result of the work on my site

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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8 thoughts on “Gallery 3 Project migration – progress 08/10”

  1. Rhyull says:

    I wish I could add something more useful but on behalf of the silent majority all I can do is offer thanks for the amount of time and dedication you give to benefit us all. Thank you!

  2. Neil says:

    Updated to the latest alpha version and now get this error message:

    Notice: Undefined variable: themeCore in /public_html/piwigo/themes/greydragon/ on line 56

    Fatal error: Call to a member function getOption() on a non-object in /public_html/piwigo/themes/greydragon/ on line 56

    The theme loads OK if I comment out:

    // if ((greyDragonCore::Instance()->hasOption(‘p_favicon_path’)) || ($themeCore->getOption(‘p_nogenerator’))):
    // $template->set_prefilter(‘header’, ‘greydragon_header’);
    // endif;

    Reset the GD theme and tried again but had the same issue until I re-applied the comments

    1. do you have either of these settings set in admin?

      1. Neil says:

        Neither were set. I also tried resetting the GD theme to default state, but to no avail.

    2. There will be fix in next build. In the mean time the code change is as following

      // Add custom favicon if provided
      function greydragon_set_header() {
      global $template;

      $themeCore = greyDragonCore::Instance();
      if (($themeCore->hasOption(‘p_favicon_path’)) || ($themeCore->getOption(‘p_nogenerator’))):
      $template->set_prefilter(‘header’, ‘greydragon_header’);

      1. Neil says:

        Changed the code re your reply. Now get this error message:

        Notice: Use of undefined constant ‘p_favicon_path’ – assumed ‘‘p_favicon_path’’ in /public_html/piwigo/themes/greydragon/ on line 57

        Notice: Use of undefined constant ‘p_nogenerator’ – assumed ‘‘p_nogenerator’’ in /public_html/piwigo/themes/greydragon/ on line 57

        Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /public_html/piwigo/themes/greydragon/ in /public_html/piwigo/include/page_header.php on line 101

        The theme does continue to load albeit with the error message.
        Reset the GD theme to ‘default state’ but still get this error.

        1. Very weird, to prevent any further confusion I have uploaded intermediate code and it is officially available from url above

          1. Neil says:

            The intermediate code seems to fix the issue. Thanks.

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