Gallery 3 Project migration – progress 08/22

Version 1.0.6 is up for grabs at usual place  – please see official announcement


  • CSS cleanup
  • If Gallery Description left empty, space would not be allocated in the Root Page causing image to be centered
  • New colorpack: whitehawk – White theme


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23 thoughts on “Gallery 3 Project migration – progress 08/22”

  1. Neil says:

    Just to say I really appreciate all the effort in making your theme and plugin available for Piwigo.

    I installed version 1.0.6 and changed to the whitehawk colorpack (thanks for that).

    Just a couple of questions:

    If I check or uncheck (gdThumb) ‘Scale thumbnails’, I fail to see any changes or maybe I’m just being dumb! What exactly should happen when ‘Scale thumbnails’ is checked? BTW each time I made a change I purged and rebuilt the thumbnail cache.

    In the Gallery 3 version of GD I am able to set rows and columns and the Aspect Ratio, effectively allowing square thumbnails. Is this going to be possible in the Piwigo port? I ask this since the Gallery 3 version of GD provides for a much nicer (in my opinion) layout and pagination.

    Just to illustrate my point about layout, my Piwigo test installation is at and my Gallery3 at The 2014 albums in each installation contain the same images.

    1. difference is in how thumbs are scaled – resize vs crop. it is straight from gThumb plugin and I did not do any changes in that area.
      Idea behind the code is that if “resize” (unchecked) is used or thumb’s height/width (when crop) is less than expected, then code will try to resize the thumb to make sure that “max height” criteria is met.
      Crop method is better as it would fix situation when picture’s proportions are not the same and in order to show the thumb we need “squish” it, i.e aspect ratio may be affected. Crop will just make it so “leftovers” are outside visible area and keep image intact.

      Theme would not provide thumbs settings built in, but rather plugins like gdThumb are to be used for various styles.

      By looking at gdThumb logic, I think it is possible to achieve “square” mode utilizing “crop” scale.
      I will check if it can be achieved in gdThumb

    2. Version 1.0.3 of gdThumb has been published. you can now use Square thumbs (experimental)

      1. Neil says:

        Noticed a typo:


        line8: ‘contact’ should be capitalised

  2. Neil says:

    Thanks for the explanation of ‘Scale thumbnails’. I now understand the logic behind the setting.

    I upgraded to gdThumb v 1.0.3. and changed the ‘Scale thumbnails’ setting to ‘Square’. This is now perfect for my usage and apart from things like thumbnail frames, which I can live without, my Piwigo layout mirrors my Gallery3 layout and I can now think about migrating fully from Gallery3 to Piwigo. Many thanks.

  3. OC2PS says:

    Please include Social Gallery style social lightbox. Basically, it is a simple lightbox with Facebook comments integrated into the lightbox.

    1. do you intend to see normal comments there as well?

      1. OC2PS says:

        No. Just Facebook comments.

    2. Does license allow us to port it out of WP? I thought it is simply a light version of another plugin they are selling

      1. OC2PS says:

        It is a light version of a plugin they sell. But since the light version is listed on therefore it has been released under GPL2-compatible license, meaning yes, it allows porting

        1. hm, ok, IF we can port, should be easy to clone

        2. OC2PS says:

          All plugins hosted in the repository must be compatible with GPLv2 or later. That means all code that is on our servers, from images to CSS to JS to the PHP code, has to meet that requirement. This is an extra requirement than just the standard one of derivative code, but we strongly feel that proprietary content has no need to be in our repository. If your code needs to be split licensed, or you have to included proprietary code for any reason, we can’t host you on .org

        3. EpicPlugins is now in your forum post and offered creation of the port. I think it would be better to come from author himself.

          1. OC2PS says:

            Let’s see whether he decides to port. If not, then including FB comments in GD may be relatively simple and interesting

          2. Interesting, not necessarily theme specific, but worth considering assuming all your visitors are using FB

          3. OC2PS says:

            The Facebook comments box is rendered in an iframe on your page, and most search engines will not crawl content within an iframe. However, you can access all the comments left on your site via the graph API as described above. Simply grab the comments from the API and render them in the body of your page behind the comments box. We recommend you cache the results, as pulling the comments from the graph API on each page load could slow down the rendering time of the page.

  4. OC2PS says:

    Also, any chance you would consider masonry layout for photos?
    (would need to separate out subalbums and list them separately on top for this to be user-friendly)

        1. Do suggestions in your forum post work for you?
          I will be continuing work on gdThumb to allow both horizontal and vertical thumb arrangements (you have horizontal support now), but other than what else are you looking for?
          “Pop” on hover can be supported easily

          1. OC2PS says:

            Yeah, maybe I’ll go gdThumb. You are planning to port GD, right?

          2. I did. test gallery is here
            I am almost ready to move

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