gdThumb 1.0.4 has been posted

gdThumb 1.0.4 has been posted. See changes below

+ Merge thumbs for albums and images into one list before processing.
This may conflict with Lightbox plugin if items are mixed
+ Full support for square thumbs
+ New overlay mode type – Overlay – on hover covers entire thumb. Metadata bottom left aligned
+ Admin: “Apply to album/image thumbs” options deprecated
+ Admin: New option “Normalize Image Title” – if enabled, images with Title matching File name would be shown as “Photo ID”
– Remove second loader element from pages with album and image thumbs
– Fixed issue with Stripped theme in photo lists due to different class structure

Let’s call it a day for now 🙂

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2 thoughts on “gdThumb 1.0.4 has been posted”

  1. Neil says:

    Thanks for GDThumb 1.0.4.

    Seems to be an issue with ‘Double the size of the first thumbnail’. If I check this setting the thumbnails are displayed. If I uncheck this setting then thumbnails are not displayed.

    The ‘Masonry Type’ lists only ‘Horizontal (Default)’, is this intentional?

    1. I have released v.1.0.5 which addresses “big thumb” issue and some other js errors.

      “Masonry Type” option is deliberate and it only horizontal at the moment. Intend is to add vertical option once I release GD theme.

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