Piwigo switch is now complete. Long live the King, i.e. Gallery 3

My Piwigo switch from G3 is now officially complete.

After testing and some development, I have officially switched to Piwigo photo gallery engine for my photo site

During migration main goal was to replicate GreyDragon Theme I have developed and was using with G3. As result there is now GreyDragon theme for Piwigo (still in beta, but is almost ready for initial release) and gdThumb plugin to allow Masonry style for thumbs.

There would be a need for other plugins as site evolves, but two pieces above allows me to move away from G3 and make it official.

G3 was fun to use and develop for but sunset of the project forced look for alternatives. Even if G3 will survive and someone to pickup the project, for me it was the time to switch.

Big thanks to Bharat and the team. I wish them all the best in their current and future endeavors.

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    I’m a huge fan of this theme. I’ve got more than 90,000 pictures in my gallery3 running on a Ubuntu 11.10 desktop. It’s only for family photos. The GD theme is by far the most polished theme, easy to use … Continue reading


    The greydragon theme is fantastic. It’s clean, stable and feature rich. It took me a while to decide to move to G3 but with a there like this one, I could no longer resist. Thanks!

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