GreyDragon for Piwigo – 1.0.7 RC1

You can now download RC1 of GreyDragon Theme for Piwigo

Download Link – please see official announcement

There are many changes in this build and I consider it RC 1. Please report any errors. I am planning release it next week into public domain.

It is recommended to drop old folder before installing a new version

+ Admin: “Admin Tools” plugin added as recommended
+ Admin: “gdThumb” plugin added as recommended
+ Admin: Recommended plugins are now linked to associated Piwigo Extensions pages
+ Admin: New option – Hide About Link
+ Admin: New option – Animate Menu
+ Admin: If Header Text is not used, then global “Page banner” would be taken in consideration
+ Admin: Site credits can be shown as text/icon or hidden
+ New colorpack – blackhawk
+ CSS: If footer text is not used, footer would “collapse” into 1 line
+ CSS: Added box style for additional info box in albums and photo pages
+ CSS: Info/Warning/Error message boxes are now take only space needed
+ CSS: Pages impose min height for mid section to prevent layout “collapse” on load
+ “My profile” link moved to the first position and would shows user’s name instead
+ Improvements to menu presentation and state handling
+ Hide “administration” link in the footer if “Admin Tools” plugin is enabled
+ Adds “Theme Config” option under “Administration” menu if “Admin Tools” plugin is enabled
+ Major redesign of Menu handling. Static Menu is not allowed in Picture pages
+ Added support for tab view of Photo data in Photo page.
– JS reorganizing
– CSS clean up
– Fixed issue when change to root page content was not detected causing misleading message in Admin area on Save
– Fixed capitalization of “contact” link in footer.tpl
– Fixed issue in IE when Admin Tools menu closes while trying to navigate

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