GreyDragon v.1.2.22 is now available

This is major release. please read about changes below.

Version introduces concept of widgets for picture metadata area along with template anchor targets allowing more streamlined approach in adding and managing metadata tabs for picture pages.

+ Added Photo metadata tab targets in picture.tpl (see template for positioning): {*GD_META_ICO*}, {*GD_META_TXT*}, {*GD_META_CONTENT*}
+ Picture tab “classic” content moved into external templates picture_tab_ico.tpl, picture_tab_txt.tpl, picture_tab_content.tpl
+ Added support for gd_get_metadata content trigger
You can add custom content for picture meta tabs
Ex: add_event_handler(‘gd_get_metadata’, ‘my_get_tab_metadata’);
function greydragon_get_tab_metadata($metadata) { return $metadata; }
where each array element represents the tab
$metadata[] = array(
“id”         => unique id of the tab
“icon_class” => class to be used to render icon tabs
“title”      => tab or menu block title
“content”    => block content
“target”     => optional, rendering target – “left”, “top”, “right”, “bottom”, not supported, reserved for future use
“combine”    => combine_css or combine_js reference block
Prior to rendering $metadata is processed and converted in appropriate construct to be used by the theme
See ShareThis plugin for more details
+ Tab switch logic in Photo page optimized to allow management of dynamic tabs introduced by 3rd party plugins
+ Improved presentation and content alignment of Tags tab in picture page
+ Added support for auto-close of popup menu on navigation or refresh – Auto Close Popup Menu on Refresh
+ Help improvements
– Fixed issue with missing colorpack setting when theme is first installed and settings are not set yet
– Fixed issue with number of undefined theme params (unused at this time)
– Fixed issue with missing enumerator for $footer_elements in footer.tpl

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