Just another small plugin with large consequences 🙂
Purpose of the plugin is to add sharing options for your photos

ss-1From screenshot you can see that 4 services are supported:
* Facebook
* Twitter
* Pinterest
* Google Plus

Logic is currently very simple and there is no intend to provide any sort of click stats.

Note: One of the areas behind the scene which may be interesting is the way content is integrated into the page
You can compare GreyDragon integration based on trigger and data structure vs “normal” way where we have to guess page content and find place to insert content.

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ThePolyBlog · Mar 21, 2015 at 13:07

Hi Serge, so I was using Social Buttons and thought I’d switch, but SB allows you to share albums, not just individual pics. Not sure what the mechanics are behind the scene, just curious if this would be a future tweak…

FYI, seems to work fine with Pure_clear_blue too as a theme…


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