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Keeping CentOS with times – PHP 5.5

This is second article related to CentOS somewhat outdated default setup. I have previously discussed Steps to update MySQL to 5.5 and now its time to look at PHP Introduction If you run VPS or dedicated server with CentOS 6.x … Continue reading

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Symfony/PHP and “Too many open files”

Symfony seems to be somewhat resource hungry under some conditions and would leave trail of PHP errors indicating that there is “Too many open files”. There are several discussions on the topic suggesting that garbage collection mechanism does not close … Continue reading

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How to upgrade mySQL on CentOS

By default CentOS 6.5 would be installed with MySQL 5.1 (it puzzles my as 5.1 is archaic, but well…). I was interested in updating my MySQL engine to 5.5 and just happen that when it become a necessity. So after … Continue reading

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