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Gallery 3 Project Modules and Themes

Menalto Gallery 3 Project was a nice, free PHP based photo gallery engine few years back. It went into hibernation due to luck of support some years ago but still be used by number of sites.

There is an attempt to revive the project led by Brad Dutton here and forum here.

I did use the Gallery 3 myself in the past since Gallery 2 days but since moved to Piwigo.
After getting involved with development of v.3 of the Gallery and I went on creating many Modules and few Themes for my own use. They are preserved here for historical purposes.

GreyDragon Theme

This is a custom theme built from ground up, adding many extra options. Supports many color and frame packs. I have tried minimize use of JS as much as possible shifting focus on proper CSS instead.


  • Tested/designed for 1280×1024 screen resolution.
  • DIGG style paging in Albums and Individual Photo pages.
  • Requires ShadowBox or Fancybox module for image preview. Support for slideshow mode.
  • Over 30 options provided via theme’s Admin page.
  • Color Packs support. Included: greydragon, slateblue, wind, carbon, blackhawk.
  • Frame Packs support. Included: greydragon, android, book, darkglass, iphone, iphoto, simple, slide

Theme is free to use under GPL.


  Grey Dragon Theme 4.0.1 (428.6 KiB, 73,168 hits)


  • Download and unpack package into Gallery’s themes folder. Please make sure “greydragon” folder is not duplicated.
  • Login as Admin into your Gallery 3 instance and navigate to Admin\Appearance\Theme Choice
  • Activate GreyDragon theme
  • It is advised to visit Admin section of the theme and review provided options at Admin\Appearance\Theme Options

Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 7/8/9/10, Firefox 3.x, Opera, Chrome
Requires either Fancybox or Shadowbox modules to be installed and activated for popup-style image preview.
For more help deploying theme on your server refer to this great article about using themes inside Gallery 3.

Where to ask for support, report bugs and make feature requests?

Please post any requests in the appropriate plugin forum.

Like it?

If you like the theme or any other work done for G3 and would like to give back, here are some ways you can support future development:

  • Say few nice words on the forum.
  • Buy me a cup of coffee or two.
  • Spread the word about my plug-in by writing about it on your blog, tweeting, digging, stumbling, etc.
  • Use it, acnowledge my contribution by displaying copyright info

Donations (Thank you!)

You can donate to my coffee fund here.
Or you could send me an Amazon gift card (and I can buy a surprise for my wife encouraging her to allow continuing my involvement with the project). You will need my contact email address.

Full list of themes and modules for G3


  Grey Dragon Theme 4.0.1 (428.6 KiB, 73,168 hits)

Info Support

  Grey Dragon Wind Theme 1.0.8 (142.1 KiB, 14,785 hits)

Info Support
Modules: Sidebar Blocks:

  Clustrmap Module 1.7 (6.1 KiB, 3,026 hits)

Info Support

  Gallery Stats Sidebar Module 1.1 (2.6 KiB, 5,421 hits)


  Image Block Ex 2.4 (73.3 KiB, 3,290 hits)

Info Support

  Thumb Navigator Module 1.8 (7.1 KiB, 13,445 hits)

Info Support
Modules: Other:

  Colorbox Integration (22.2 KiB, 2,700 hits)

Info Support

  Fancybox Integration (59.3 KiB, 14,385 hits)

Info Support

  Keyboard Navigation Support (3.5 KiB, 12,377 hits)

Info Support

  RSS Feed Extra 1.7 (9.0 KiB, 2,858 hits)

Info Support

  ShadowBox Support 1.9 (86.7 KiB, 10,048 hits)


  Slideshow Ex 1.5 (7.6 KiB, 5,651 hits)

Info Support

  Wibiya (5.6 KiB, 1,356 hits)

Info Support

Thank you, and I hope my work makes your gallery better and more popular!

Usefull links

When working on optimizing my site the following information did help improving it further:


Long standing GD Theme user. The GD Theme is very user friendly. I was able to create a fantastic gallery for my website using some of the many, many, options GD Theme offers. Thanks for the hard work and dedication to your theme and for allowing us the opportunity to use it. Gene

Gene S. Salisbury, President

GS Wallcoverings, LLC

I've used your Greydragon theme ever since I switched to using Gallery3. It looks very slick; it does everything that I want; it is easy to customise the appearance with its many options; image preloading makes it faster than other themes; the author continually develops it in response to feature requests; and he actively supports it. A very satisfied user and donor.

Brian Stewart

Cyberhalides Jazz

I've been using this [theme] since the start. It is by far the most attractive, feature packed and stable of the user-created skins for Gallery3.


First I’m new to G3. I was wanting to append my forum with a gallery and after doing a lot of looking and testing I settled on G3.
I tried all the themes I could find on the page at the mothership (Gallery homepage). I settled on graydragon. It’s so close to my forum’s default page it’s spooky.
It’s clean and neat, and so simple to use. Keep up the great work.
I just wish I could find a theme based on anime. Wishful thinking on my part…


I’m a huge fan of this theme. I’ve got more than 90,000 pictures in my gallery3 running on a Ubuntu 11.10 desktop. It’s only for family photos. The GD theme is by far the most polished theme, easy to use and it’s still being developed! The theme options made me feel like a kid in a candy shop. Thanks for a great theme and keep up the good work!


The greydragon theme is fantastic. It’s clean, stable and feature rich. It took me a while to decide to move to G3 but with a there like this one, I could no longer resist. Thanks!


14 thoughts on “Gallery 3”

  1. Randall says:

    How did you integrate the slideshow on your homepage? I am looking for a non flash slide show like you have on your homepage.

    Please Help.

  2. if you are talking about my photo gallery, I am using jQuery Cycle plugin –

  3. Peter says:

    How did you manage to have the home page photo to be displayed on the right side of the content area?

    1. Once you show Site description (checkbox under Theme’s option), it would be placed on the left

  4. Pete says:

    Thanks! It works…
    On a side note, if one would like to remove the download option from the slideshow area, how do I disable this option?

    1. not sure what you mean by slideshow option
      anyway, to protect pictures it is really not really possible as people can always parse html code and find direct image link or make screenshot

  5. Pete says:

    When looking at the photo albums, there is an option on the top right to run a slide show. After clicking on the option, there is an option for watching the photos using cooliris 3D, and download if the user wants to download. I do not want people to use slide and download the photos.

  6. Pete says:

    I got it solved.By Disabling the slideshow on modules area, it disable the slideshow button.

  7. Kmorwath says:

    This is a great theme, by far the best I found for Gallery3, and with a lot of nice customization options easy to use, and very good integration with other modules.. Just a coupe of notes, though. I read the theme is tested for a 1280×1024 resolution, it is now pretty “low”. My main desktop monitor is 2560×1440 and many notebooks/tablets have comparable or even higher resolutions. It would be nice if the “bottom bar” would always be positioned at the bottom of the browser window (as an application status bar), and IMHO it would also be nice when a single picture is displayed, it is centered in its viewing area, instead of be aligned to the top, even when not shown in ColorBox or the like, more or less like Lightroom does. And maybe a similar combination of black/dark grey colors for different areas would be an interesting theme variation as well.
    Thank you for the theme!

  8. shirley says:

    keep getting download errors

      1. shirley says:

        both of the links above for the dragon

        Grey Dragon Theme 4.0.1 (741.5 KiB, 72,805 hits)

        Grey Dragon Theme 4.0.1 (741.5 KiB, 72,805 hits)

    1. Download link for Gallery 3 GreyDragon Theme is fixed. Please note that it is 7z compression

  9. J.R. says:

    Been using GD 3.2.2 for 8 years on Gallery 3 — but where is this link to the current version of the theme you mentioned above on Mar 15, 2020? I can’t seem to find it… all I see is a link for 4.0.1 — and I thought you were up to 4.0.2 ?

    I don’t know if you’re aware that the old G3 email support group is still very active on googlegroups now — and that some of the members lead by Brad Dutton have created a serious, stable upgrade that brings Gallery 3 up to php 7.4 compatabiity, replaces the old Flash-based image uploader with an HTML5 drop-and-drag function, updated Jquery libraries and a lot of other improvement. So ,good old Gallery 3 is still alive and kicking in 2020. Available at — and the link to the group is!forum/gallery-3-users

    — J.R.

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