Gallery 3 Project migration – progress 08/01

New version of the GD Theme for PW is up for grabs

It is the large update as it affects core code.

  • Major theme code refactoring. Theme logic is now “classified”
  • Bootstrap CSS support introduced to elevate browser dependencies.
  • Theme’s CSS is moved out of theme.css to ensure proper application
  • Admin: fixed issue with quotes not stored properly in various fields
  • Admin: Added option to enable debug mode
  • Admin: Added option to reset theme settings
  • Admin: Removed option to suppress noindex for Robots (managed from PW
  • Admin: Added check for required PW version and plugins
  • Admin: Theme styling is extended to Theme’s admin area

Take a look at admin area look-and-feel and let me know what you think

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Samsung Galaxy 2 10.1 failed to register the device

This is somewhat obsolete as device is just 2 year old, but just got Samsung Galaxy 2 10.1 for testing.

Still looks nice, but is in desperate need to update OS to the latest (from 4.1.1). Samsung now offers 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) as most up-to-date version which is still nice considering.

Happily trying to perform Software update gave me a failure to register the device… Very nice… very descriptive… what to do next?

Try this first – check your device clock. If it is behind (this device still cannot maintain time automatically), you simply need to adjust the time and try registration and update again. This time you most likely would succeed.

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Gallery 3 Project migration – progress 07/28

I have updated GD drop with alpha 2.

Main goal is to further progress with admin section and learn more of PW infrastructure.

This release does include one major change – Root Page support.

While you still need to use Additional Pages plugin to serve the root page, options and layout now can be populated from within GD theme.
In order to enable this feature, simply enable AP plugin and create empty home page, give it a name and check “Replace your gallery’s homepage“.
Once saved now you can go into GD admin area and Enable Root Page support, specify parameters and save. At that point content of Home page would be populated using specified parameters.


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Gallery 3 Project migration – progress 07/23

While having late evening tea I want to share the progress made with GD Theme.

This is the first Alpha (download link).

To replicate look and feel of my test site you would need the following plugins from Piwigo site:

  • Additional Pages – needed for root page support
  • Extended Descriptions – allows embedding slideshows and building custom pages
  • GThumb+ – nice thumbs layout

Plugins can be installed from within Piwigo admin area.

Theme would need to be manually unpacked and copied to themes folder.

It is barebones version with only one colorpack – slateblue

I do not plan to support embedded framepacks at this time but instead take approach of GThumb+ plugin – once installed, it customizes how thumbs are styled and constructed.

PS: for some reason GThumb+ does not support Thumbs in album view, so there is some opportunity there to expand, but I really like the feel of it.

I do plan to release several Thumb plugins to accommodate various designs, but it would be at later time.

Also there is a plan to either be able submit root page template into Additional Pages plugin or allow user manage it independently.


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