Borland’s Corporate Roadmap… inside info

It is not per-se related to BorCon, but… Something very exciting going on lately at Borland. There is information available for public about what actually happened behind Borland’s doors. Some comments about Corporate Roadmap meeting (Aug, 16-18 2004) By Danny Thorpe, a Borland Chief Scientist – link By Allen Bauer, a Borland Principal Architect – link And some more Borland’s SOA Push — JBuilder 2005 and Beyond by Vance McCarthy – link

Delphi 66% discount. Another reason to attend BorCon 2004

I’ve had a great conversation with Borland folks today. It is official (as of 08/11/2004) – Borland will offer 66% discount on Delphi upgrade. It is still Delphi 8, but with Software Assurance it will cover upcoming Delphi 9. Also every attendee will be able to get up to 4 upgrades on this price. Keep in mind additional 20%/30% for Software Assurance, but it is still give 46%/36% discount. PS. If you own D7 Enterprise and want to upgrade to Delphi Architect edition, you will need to pay only 500$ more for upgrade price – difference between D8 Ent and D8 Arch. I did missed 66% when read John K’s post on BDN. But it was there as well. And… Read more…

Delphi 9 is comming. First information.

As expected Borland going to introduce new version of Delphi this year. This is one more reason to attend BorCon 2004. John Kaster, DevRel of Borland, just made available information about upcomming tracks devoted to the next version of Delphi (code-name DiamondBack). See BDN article,1410,32499,00.html for more details.

BorCon and video/audio recording

Sad news… “Audio/ Visual taping of conference proceeding is prohibited. The conference proceedings are available online beginning 2 weeks prior to the conference and shipped on CD to all paid attendees after the conference as well. Borland does not allow video or audio taping of sessions during the conference.If you have any further questions please contact the Borland registration team. “ So it is appear what we cannot use sessions information other then Conference CD. It is good I still have couple months to expand my memory to memorize all five days of sessions.


I’ve started my first blog!!! We finally have decided to attend this year BorCon 2004 conference. This will be a 3rd time I will be here. Not bad ;o) You want to hear insider information? Add this blog to your links. You have comments? Please free to comment here.