For a few weeks, I have experienced an interesting issue in Adobe Lightroom – during import application will become unresponsive and no files would be processed. Please note that photos are stored on NAS and there is some heavy traffic involved while images are being manipulated and rearranged.

Much research did not reveal anything useful. In forums, there will be suggestions about turning off antivirus and firewalls, changing registry settings, etc. with no cure.

Lightroom does not show any errors, there is no trace in the event log, yet there is something very wrong deep inside.

Normally NAS can be accessed without any issues and there is no indication of any problems.

As a next step I tried to simulate copying the same files from local storage to NAS through Explorer and this is where it become interesting. During copy progress transfer speed would go to zero at some point and network error 0x8007003b would be presented. An Internet search would lead you to yet another wild goose chase.

Coincidently, I just upgraded my router and should have seen 1Gb speeds across all my devices. Strangely enough connection between the local machine and NAS never reached above 100Mb. Running ping to NAS would detect random network packet drops.

We are getting warmer…

Replacing a few ethernet patch cables later NAS talks now with the source machine at 1Gb and no lost packets.

Crossing fingers, and running the “copy files” test again… no more errors, good speed, 300 files transferred without issues.

Let’s hope Lightroom now would be happier as well. And… magic… import now works flawlessly.

Let’s summarize: Lightroom file error handling has room for improvement and is not too user-friendly. If you run into issues while processing files, a) make sure Lightroom is up-to-date, b) look at your hardware and wires, and c) try to simulate problematic operations by some other means, so errors may be surfaced and become more apparent leading you to resolution.

The following links were shared by Adobe Support, but unfortunately did not contribute to the diagnostic:


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