BorCon 2004 closing session

Session is started with digest of the moment from opening session.
Then it is followed by introduction dance by dancing group which we saw sunday.
Dale and David thanks support team, advisory board, speakers, TeamB and people who blog during conference. “Thank you” word to a sponsors

Then after some information discussion for BorCon attendees, John presents a new features of BDN web-site: new format (ASP.Net, Diamondback… some section are already moved some might moved as it go), new EventCentral.

Dale and David again point to a presentation of new Delphi 2005 version and encourage to go and evaluate product (D2005 preview), prepare yourself for official release.

Again Dale point at effort of Borland to go hand-by-hand with developers into a new era of Software Development and being with Borland all these years.

Then it is a time for Borland bucks drawing for prizes. Dale mentioned accident happened in past when Borland bucks did fell, almost, on gim and missed by inch. ;o)

My friend won one!!!! Congratulation.
Again some people was shot.
Then prizes again…
BorCon 2004 officially is closed.

PS. I will continue with this blog to give you more details on sessions I did attend.

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