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Japan Disaster. Red Cross

Japan was hit by horrific earthquake and tsunami. If you’d like to help those affected visit Red Cross’ web-site

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Hello again or returning to old self

Merry Christmas!!! It has been a while since my last post. Many things has changed – I have took on a new challenge changing the job and moving back to California. And wasn’t it a great decision! With new job … Continue reading

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Is going Linux means replacing I with We?

There we go again… Marketing wars… Is being Linux means replacing I with We? Accordingly to a new addition to the Mac-v-PC adv. war – Linux – “WE are Linux” – yes. Personalization in the look at the computers promoted … Continue reading

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IBM to buy SUN – end of the era?

Updated on 04/07/2009 Talk rumored in 1998 and surfaced once again in 2002 will continue – IBM was in final talks to acquire Sun… It was suspected that some news would be announced by Monday 04/06/2009 and they did – … Continue reading

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For Trader Joe’s fans

As a long time customer of Trader Joe’s I just love this 🙂 When I moved from CA, this was first thing we started to look for and unfortunately had to travel two hours to Chicago until TJ opened local … Continue reading

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Assert is your friend… not an end-user’s

As a long time Delphi and C# programmer one become used to some features of the language and may not go deep into “philosophical” thinking about such features. This often happen with Asserts… What is Assert or Assertion? By its … Continue reading

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ASP.Net/WF : New built-in .Net Charting control

I was always for a “built-in” support of features in modern development environment. Even if it comes in basic form, we, as programmers, should have ability to do “basic” stuff without 3rd party involvement. There are plenty of 3rd party solutions … Continue reading

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