There we go again… Marketing wars… Is being Linux means replacing I with We?

Accordingly to a new addition to the Mac-v-PC adv. war – Linux – “WE are Linux” – yes.

Personalization in the look at the computers promoted for last few years by Apple, Microsoft, and then followed by Dell and others with “personalize your computer” campaigns now suggested to be replaced with big “communitification”  a-la Linux.

What is a freedom? Ability to be you through the lens of the Big Brothers or ability to be you as part of the Open (Source) World of WE?

Is it a freedom when someone tells you that “you are free to be me”? Does Linux community need to go into war with others, even if it is just advertisements, to prove itself?

I did not like it when Apple said “you are the sad PC and I am the coolest Mac”…

   There you go…
Oh, a wrong one, but funny…  

Microsoft had managed not to mention Apple…

then   or now

What now? Now we have a new addition – a Linux’s freedom – The big “O”

Did it worth it? What is in it for Linux?


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