HD DVD v Blu-Ray: Part 3 – Story continues

I am trying to follow up on the what is appeared to be a death of HD-DVD format.
Is there a new nail into HD-DVD coffin? Read an article at BetaNews.

Below are some sources:

Is it over? Is there a chance for rebound?
Might be not. But… there is always a chance to start a new “war” with “new and better” format.

Meanwhile on Feb 19, 2008 your HD-DVD player become just another upconvert model for regular DVD and remaining HD-DVD:

Dear loyal Toshiba customer,

Toshiba America Consumer Products, L.L.C. (“Toshiba”) announced on Tuesday, February 19th, 2008 that it has completed a thorough review of its overall strategy for HD DVD and as a result of recent market developments, the company has decided to discontinue sales and marketing of HD DVD players.
While we continue to believe HD DVD is the best format for consumers, based on its technological advancements and the value and quality inherent in our player offerings, recent market developments have led us to the decision.

As for your HD DVD player, you can still enjoy your current library of HD DVD and standard DVD movies and the HD DVD player will upconvert the standard DVDs so you can enjoy them in near HD quality. And you can play your CDs too.

PS. Am I a lucky one who was looking from the side? I did not bought one or another exactly because of the “war” factor.

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3 thoughts on “HD DVD v Blu-Ray: Part 3 – Story continues”

  1. I think Toshiba have pretty much announced that they will not be making any more HD-DVD players, thus making it easier for the consumer.

    Seems this is more of the Beta/VHS/2000 malarkey from a few years back (quite a few years now actually)…

    I’m surprised that Philips haven’t announced a new format though!

  2. Eelco says:


    Philips is a founding member of the Blu-ray Disc Association.


  3. Richard says:

    I thought the Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD war ended two days ago 2008-02-19.

    Official: Toshiba discontinues HD DVD

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