Do we see an introduction of the Web 3.0?

There were talks for a while that Web 2.0 is coming. We have seen astonishing growth of the Social network solutions, virtual offices, companies rushing into Virtual machines business (Virtual PC, VMWare, Virtual Box, Citrix, etc), remote desktops (Mac, Windows RDS), widget engines (Yahoo, Google, …), etc…

Did we already pass this milestone? Was Microsoft late for the party and simply wants to catch up and outrun others?

Microsoft once again wants to be THE solution for everything by introducing Live Mesh:

Imagine all your devices—PCs, and soon Macs and mobile phones—working together to give you anywhere access to the information you care about.

With Live Mesh, you can spend less time managing devices and data and more time connecting with family and friends or collaborating with colleagues.

Is it the next big thing or a big bluff? Time will tell. Concept is not new. We have seen many features available in Live and via other service/network solutions, so it all comes to implementation and features. But one thing for sure is that Microsoft is looking into making next step from MS Live offering, going even more in the wild space of the World Wide Web.

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blur · Apr 24, 2008 at 01:16

Why I think they made this Live Mesh to expand Silverlight base?

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