News of the day – CodeGear being finally and quietly sold… to Embarcadero Technologies

At Embarcadero Technologies we know databases, we understand the important role they play in every organization and we love meeting their challenges.

It took two+ years for story to end. From original $100M+, it now came to just $23M+$7M(AR).

Not to much of the surprise though

Revenue for ALM products and services for the first quarter of 2008 was $32.4 million. Deployment (DPG) products and services revenue was $13.7 million and CodeGear (IDE) products and services revenue was $12.2 million.

(more) The company says the loss was larger with a $13.3 million impairment charge related to CodeGear, $1.3 million in restructuring expenses and other costs.

With primary focus on Database related technologies and Eclipse, it might come that the Eclipse part of CodeGear what actually is a target for them.

Back in 2007, ET has received $200M Go-Private investment from Thoma Cressey Bravo and acquired several key Eclipse committers ever since.

From public information on CodeGear’s web-site

The acquisition of CodeGear will enable Embarcadero to offer a complete product portfolio to design, develop, manage and manage and optimize heterogeneous applications and their databases.

From that I do not really know yet what would be a future of the Delphi product line. Would we have a new brand pushed once again?

Are there plans to discontinue any CodeGear or Embarcadero products?
The merging of CodeGear and Embarcadero increases our ability to enhance and evolve current products, as well as to develop new products, markets, and business models. There are no current plans to discontinue or EOL specific products. However, you can anticipate products will be evaluated to determine optimal development and go-to-market strategies on an ongoing basis consistent with our current practices.

From David I:

We will work together to integrate Delphi and some of their tooling as well as create new products.  Don’t fear – EMBT is excited about Delphi big time. Some of their developers learned programming on Turbo Pascal.  They are all developers just as we are.  Stay tuned for things we will do together. Delphi can use more database design, development, and optimization tooling.
The combined company, technologies, and products will move Delphi’s database capabilities forward much faster than on our own.

We will become employees of Embarcadero Technologies.  The product names
will stay:  Delphi, C++Builder, RAD Studio, JBuilder, etc.  This is just the
definitive agreement step.  There is more operational and planning work to
be done before the deal closes.  Stay tuned



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