Do you want a fast computer? How about 1,026,000 GFlops?

Just a quick note. BetaNews has published an article about new record for computer processing speed – LANL’s Roadrunner system eclipsed 1,026,000 GFlops with the peak score of 1,375,780 GFlops.

Not that you could put this monster in your computer room, or you need one any time soon, but…

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2 thoughts on “Do you want a fast computer? How about 1,026,000 GFlops?”

  1. cynic says:

    Should be just about enough for Windows 7 when it comes out…

  2. I do not think that Windows will even run on this monster. Different tasks, different environment.
    Main reason for Windows 7 to even be in plans is that Vista did not deliver what it should. Or to say, W7 could be something Vista was suppose to be.

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