Give Bill Gates a round of applause

So Gates is retiring. Another page in computer history is turned, another chapter is completed.
Let’s give him a round of applause! In a way, we are who we are because of him.

Who knows, without him we all be using Macs today

Regardless of what people prefer, would be here Apple without MicrosoftMac without PC (a-la Windows)? Would we have personal computers that popular today without PC?

Is the Darwin theory of evolution applicable here? I have a tendency to think very much so.

Talking about evolution selection: Did you know there was GUI OS for PC well before Windows? I have used one called GEM by Digital Research back in 1985 .

With all innovations in Mac, it is presence of the PC (aka Intel based computers) which created the competition and therefore allowed us have more affordable models today. Apple is still trying to be a monopolistic about Mac production, but PC market dictates otherwise forcing Apple to be more open to the concept of multi-vendor approach.

…the former (i.e. Mac people) is a hip, sport-coat-and-sneakers-­wearing type of guy who uses his computer for video chatting, music mash-ups and other cool, creative pursuits that starchy, business-suited PC users could never really appreciate unless they tried them on the slick Apple interface. Then again, Windows PC enthusiasts probably think that Mac guy is a smug slacker with an overpriced toy that can’t do any serious computing anyway. Funny thing is, both stereotypes are wrong… (source)

Reading this article, keep in mind that it is most likely another Mac v PC commercial (how low can Apple go? or is it desperation?). I agree with one of the comments:

What amazes me is what people simply fail to understand: If it works, use it – if you like it, go to it. What a waste of energy to insult others who – now listen closely – have nothing more than a personal preference. However… 1) Exploits do exist for the Mac, but they are few because people simply like the platform. 2) Computers are an appliance! They should suit our needs, not dictate our habits or choices. Choose as you will: tinker away, casual use, serve the world, game, it’s your call! 3) Yes there are better platforms for other purposes – where would we be without the flexibility of competition? 4) While Vista was not built for the Mac, interesting that it runs so well. Why, if the PC is “superior” does it run less efficiently? 5) 480 comments… that’s more than some Blogs will get for as many posts! This is some good PR

With half star difference from tests performed, it is very close race, being a very good staged performance. Statistics… I have mathematical background and I seen many times when “statistical” test results are just as good as good is a tester/analyst collecting them. And when statistic does not work, proper wording does

When you configure low-end and midrange notebooks and desktops, you’ll find that except at the very bottom of the heap, Windows machines are roughly comparable in price to Macs. There are fewer Mac models, so if your needs vary from what Apple has decided on, you may find a Windows model that costs less for you. But Apple’s choices make a lot of sense for most people, and when you do the point-by-point comparison, Apple is actually a better value for some needs. (source)

And then do not forget Linux, but it is another story…

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