iPod/iPhone support

I have found a plug-in for WP which provides a special internal theme for iPod/iPhone – WPTouch.

If you have one of those devices, could you perform a quick test to see if my blog is displayed properly.

Please let me know if you see any issues with it.

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5 thoughts on “iPod/iPhone support”

  1. Sean Cross says:

    Looks good. Nicely resized etc

  2. Rob Uttley says:

    Looks fine on my iPhone. I posted a comment to that effect from the phone, but that hasn’t appeared – not sure if there’s a moderation/pending thing going on here. If so, ignore this post!

    But if not, there might be a problem posting to your site from iPhone/iPods.

    Anyway, it *looks* really nice on the iPhone!

  3. Lars Fosdal says:

    The site shows in standard web format from my HPC Touch Cruise – both in IE and Opera. Is there a specific URL to the mobile themed view?

  4. Lars Fosdal says:

    Make that HTC Touch Cruise *going for some more coffee*

  5. First, big thanks to everyone who responded.

    Rob, yes, comments are moderated for unregistered posters.

    Lars, HPC Touch was not part of the test. Theme is for iPhone/iPod due to specifics design. I think that HTC could be supported as well, but this plugin was not inteded for it. Let me do some research.

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