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GoDaddy and domain management

If you one lucky user of GoDaddy shared hosting, well… you are in luck… GoDaddy uses most awkward Control Panel setup on the market when it comes to site setup. Usual site setup consists of two common tasks: managing site … Continue reading

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GDThumb 1.0.17 has been released

+ All language translations are deprecated to allow full reset. en_UK folder now includes full set of translation resources – Removed duplicate reference to cache build js files

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ShareThis v.1.0.4 has been release

version 1.0.4 + Added en_UK language folder to allow plugin translation – Fixed extension repository link to allow proper plugin update detection – Fixed issue when under some conditions plugin parameters are not present on plugin update

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gdThumb 1.0.7 has been posted – hotfixes

Maintenance update for gdThumb has been posted: – Plugin maintenance code converted to use PluginMaintain class (Piwigo 2.6). This addresses some inconsistencies in DB operations handling.

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gdThumb 1.0.5 has been posted – hotfixes

grThumb v.1.0.5 is up for grabs this is “hotfix” release to address some of the errors discovered in 1.0.4 and better handle metadata in “overlay” mode + Admin: Metadata Display Mode extended to allow exclusion of Catalog Description from the … Continue reading

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Gallery 3 Project migration – progress 08/10

Another week and I was able to do some work to move theme and some other things forward New version of the theme is up for grabs at usual place  – please see official announcement Changes in this build – … Continue reading

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Gallery 3 Project migration – progress 08/01

New version of the GD Theme for PW is up for grabs It is the large update as it affects core code. Major theme code refactoring. Theme logic is now “classified” Bootstrap CSS support introduced to alleviate browser dependencies. Theme’s CSS … Continue reading

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    From a junior developer through Sr Manager position, I was always interested in new technologies. Passionate speaker, IT junky, developer, architect, team lead, and development manager - many hats, one goal - making software better and being closer to people’s needs. For the most part I am using my blog as a scratch pad, writing small articles on things which I came across, was asked about more then once, and which would otherwise require additional research again and again.

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    I’ve used your Greydragon theme ever since I switched to using Gallery3. It looks very slick; it does everything that I want; it is easy to customise the appearance with its many options; image preloading makes it faster than other … Continue reading

    Brian Stewart

    The greydragon theme is fantastic. It’s clean, stable and feature rich. It took me a while to decide to move to G3 but with a there like this one, I could no longer resist. Thanks!

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