RemObjects at BorCon

Alessandro Federici had BOF session today about RemObjects Framework and Chrome. Borland wasn’t be able to manage to put his name on BC Update flyer for some reason but people did come and able to see in action an elegant solution provided by RemObjects for Delphi developers. Visit and see this great library. As a second part of presentation we saw Chrome Chrome is RemObjects’ Next Generation Object Pascal language for the .NET and Mono Platforms. While implementing a language that stays true to the beauty and elegance of Object Pascal, Chrome adds useful design elements from other languages such as C#, Java and Eiffel, and it introduces its own language innovations. Use Chrome to write fully managed native Read more…

Night drink

I finally saw Nick at DB preview, congrats again on Spirit of the Borland award. Very,very,very well deserved. I hope it will not affect Nick’s attitude in newsgroup ;o) Has a nice chat with folks from AQA, Alessandro and others!!! Great to see “in flesh” people I know from newsgroup for years. I was quite worn out after day of sessions. Sorry not much posts here. I will try to catch up with my sessions post later today or tommorow.

DiamondBack preview – tonight session

I do not want to compite with Nick Check his blog… But I would say – congratiulations to him for getting “Spirit of the Borland” award And small word for Kylix community by Borland – “Kylix community project” See for more information – Kylix alive and has a future Also, DiamondBack installs !!! ;o) It includes almost everything for BDS (you never know what will make in final release) It has C#, D32,

BorCon Blog list

I’ve decided to republish a list of blogs and put it in separate post, so there it is (in alphabetical order) Chuck Hutchings – – pictures Craig Stuntz – Dave Nottage – Dr. Bob’s – Jim McKeeth – Joe White – Marco Cantu – Nick’s blog – Paul Gustavson – Robert Love – Serge Dosyukov – Wayne Niddery –