I’ve had a great conversation with Borland folks today.
It is official (as of 08/11/2004) – Borland will offer 66% discount on Delphi upgrade. It is still Delphi 8, but with Software Assurance it will cover upcoming Delphi 9.
Also every attendee will be able to get up to 4 upgrades on this price.
Keep in mind additional 20%/30% for Software Assurance, but it is still give 46%/36% discount.

PS. If you own D7 Enterprise and want to upgrade to Delphi Architect edition, you will need to pay only 500$ more for upgrade price – difference between D8 Ent and D8 Arch.

I did missed 66% when read John K’s post on BDN. But it was there as well. And…

And a little more “juice” about discounts from David Intersimone, “David I”, Vice President, Developer Relations and Chief Evangelist Borland Software Corporation:

Save 66% on Delphi 8 Architect (Software Assurance required) or save 50% on Delphi 8 (new user license) and 25% on Delphi 8 (update license). You can also order other Borland products at either 50% or 25% discounts. Conference attendees can order up to four copies with savings that will cover more than the cost of your flight and hotel. Software Assurance guarantees you all Delphi releases for 12 months, which will include DiamondBack.

Meet the team that builds Delphi. You can meet face to face with the engineers who work on DiamondBack at the Monday night Meet the Delphi Team session.

Come to BorCon 2004, where you can see Diamondback, learn everything about the new Delphi release, save money on Delphi, and meet directly with the engineers who build Delphi

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