Remember the titans – 2

I was looking for information about Eli Boling and found no info about his whereabouts in regard to Remember the titans, but I have found interesting location on Borland Web-site by Danny Thorpe – this is not a blog, but something similar about projects Danny has been working on during his presence at Borland. I am going to quote it here since I suspect it might disappear after information published 😉 Last record is 2001 where page has been abandoned by the author.

Danny Thorpe, Staff Engineer, Delphi R&D, Borland Software Corporation  

These are the products and internal projects I’ve worked on over the past few years. Historical dates subject to change without notice.

Delphi 6 – May 2001
Most D6 compiler and RTL enhancements were a result of the Kylix efforts. Fortunately, Windows doesn’t inflict PIC codegen on us, but D6 benefited from the new internal assembler, language and directive enhancements introduced in Kylix, and new platform neutrality functions and constants carried over from the Kylix RTL. Function overload resolution got a little bit smarter, so WideString and AnsiString parameters in different function overloads were no longer considered ambiguous.