After-match: CodeGear and Borland in Q2

A transcript of the preliminary Q2 results for Borland is now available (10 pages). Just so we do have something to compare with included are results from Q1. Since it is a last time when there is a public obligation to report such information for CG, let’s take a look.

To keep the same format:

Three Months Ended Three Months Ended July 31, 2008 March 31, 2008 ALM DPG CodeGear || ALM DPG CodeGear Licenses 10,000 || 9,415 9,122 9,283
Service  21,900                  || 22,972  4,549   2,933
Total    31,900  10,000  10,800  || 32,387 13,671  12,216

This compares to the prior year Q2: enterprise license a decline of 28.4%; maintenance a decline of 2.4%; and training and consulting a decline of 20%.

ALM revenue was 1.4% below the previous quarter and 18.6% below the previous year. ALM license revenue showing growth of 6.3 % over the previous quarter, but declining 35% from the previous year. ALM maintenance growing 1% from the previous quarter and declining 2.1% from the previous year.

ALM training and consulting declining 19% from the previous quarter and declining 22.7% from the previous year. DPG revenue declined 27.3% from the previous quarter and declined 6.2% from the previous year. IDE revenue, which is now reported under discontinued operations, was $10.8 million and declined 11.5% from the previous quarter and 20.4% from the previous year.

Update Aug 18, 2008: Borland has published official numbers for Q2 which no longer include CodeGear exact numbers mentioned above. Rather it is shown under discontinued operations.

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